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Aureantes Talks....

...because no one else can speak for him.

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So what precisely do you want to know?
I'm an freelance artist/designer, fiction writer, poet/singer/songwriter, independent scholar/researcher, arts instructor, sociopolitical commentator and actor/roleplayer -- basically a Renaissance kinda guy, skilled in the exercise of higher polymathematics.
And that's not even mentioning the "weird stuff" that my friends know me for these days...but as the saying goes, it takes one to know one. You know who you are...

If anyone has an interest in employing any/all of my listed talents, online or off, contact me via my email or IM so we can talk business.

Samples of my art and writings are uploaded at my portfolio/"feedback group" (AureantesRealm on YahooGroups) and on deviantART (Aureantes),
as well as in other places I have yet to comprehensively compile in an actual resource list.
My other major blog, with more lengthy "serious" material, is at

Anything you see online under the name 'Aureantes' is probably mine, to simplify matters....there's only one of me so far as I know, so I colonize under my own particular standard.

My latest online projects are listed in my Links list under "Groups I Run" (or something of the like)...it's on the left side of my journal page.
They range from a cluster of 'Otherkin-&-more'-related groups (Anderen_Vereinigte) and an LJ FAQ site on my subcultural research and theories
to a private alternative newsgroup (hyperlucidity), to a self-discovery & personal-mythology group (AlchemyGold),
to an online roleplayers' forum/seminar (Scholomance_Dramatica) with an auxiliary messageboard and practice/exhibition playing areas,
several ongoing roleplays (listed by name) and a Chicago-area artists' forum and networking group (Starving Artists' Forum). And there's the new Origen Consortium forum, which I'm listing as my webpage for the time being until I resume updating my external blogs.

I'm not even going to talk about my personal life here, seeing as anything timely I post now is liable to be left up long enough to get out of date. It's not that I'm fickle - I just have a very complicated personal life, and its boundaries are hardly fixed.

As for other things, in the way of general socializing...well, let me see - there are still the ginsus to beware...
The ginsus come out when I have to deal with stupid people, particularly the kind of stupid people who think that they're better than I am
(or wish that they could tear me down and have the lie be publically believed).

I've dealt with a damn lot of idiocy, vacuousness, viciousness and ineptitude in my life, and I have no patience left for it,
particularly online. If you try to screw with me, no matter who you are, what you are, or what you think you are in your own mental world,
I will have no hesitation in tearing you a fresh set of bodily orifices with sheer sadistic eloquence and tangible fire. You do not know who I am.
Do not presume to treat me as someone who can be dismissed, toyed with, controlled or intimidated by any show of purported authority. I am tolerating you as a visitor in my realm, until I find reason for more intimate response than that. And when I do respond in depth, you will certainly know what's real behind my walls.

That said, do feel free to make contact. Some people have even found that I possess a sense of humour, and other such human virtues....

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